Pulimec macchine pulizia industriale

Pulimec, for over 40 years the specialists of cleanliness and hospitality and courtesy services related to catering and hospitality.

The history of Pulimec was born in 1973 when the patron Tonti approached, on the occasion of his presence at a trade fair, a reality of industrial cleaning tools (vacuum cleaners, floor washers and polishers) very different from traditional business objects of his company.

Then began a training course and approach to machines designed for cleaning and maintenance of large areas; this phase was accompanied by real training at nursing homes, schools, hotels, medium and large factories. The new professional cleaning machines were able to wash the floors, dry, export the dust and clean the carpet quickly, precisely and effortlessly for the operator.

Thus was born Pulimec, in its specific version dedicated to companies and professionals. Today Pulimec is much more: from consultancy with free trials and sale of industrial and corporate cleaning machines such as floor cleaners, polishers, carpet strippers, carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners, motor sweepers and high-pressure cleaners up to complete supplies of products intended for cleaning, hospitality for the hotel and restaurant sector ho.re.ca., together with the packaging of bio / eco-compatible products, customized supplies and zero km.

Perfect interlocutor for business hotels, small and medium-sized companies, customers with VAT numbers or individuals who wish to optimize their purchases by focusing on significant stocks, Pulimec offers a rich range of products and pertinent categories that make it the perfect answer to every mission of  espn viagra ad. cleanliness and hospitality.


Pulimec is your partner for the thorough cleaning of any type of surface and space in any sector: commercial, ho.re.ca, hotellerie, sanitary, construction, industrial and beyond. Hygiene is the starting point for PuliMec, to achieve a state of well-being for everyone. PuliMec wishes to offer cutting-edge, highly efficient, high-performance, versatile machinery and products that reduce waste and respect environmental eco-sustainability and the health of workers and guests. PuliMec offers highly performing machinery and detergents that reduce waste and facilitate the work of those who use them. Using simple, comfortable, flexible and highly performing machinery with safe and highly effective products means having our guests and collaborators at heart. It means guaranteeing an always energetic, fast, happy and productive staff. Reliability and performance improve translating into economic savings and the spaces are always welcoming and clean. Guests will always feel comfortable and the reputation of your facilities will be guaranteed.


Pulimec is also innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions for packaging that meet the needs of any type of restaurant, tourist accommodation, but also represent a new way of doing branding. The products are customizable, ideal for finger food, street food, take away, mise en place, bakery and pastry, courtesy line, catering, weddings and ceremonies, cash and carry, retail. With creativity and inspiration, they can be designed to contain any type of product, creating a wow effect to the end user and allowing the company to differentiate itself in the development of its own personal packaging, not only in the graphic image, also in substance, in the shape and style. Whether it’s food or drinks, an accessory, clothing, a gadget or a gift, PuliMec packaging becomes a real and proper promotional tool on the move for effective brand marketing.

Pulimec macchine pulizia professionale

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